Introducing our SAFETY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION, that is designed to ensure Safety, Productivity and Compliance for your HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) processes for your company/agency, employees, consultants, subcontractors, clients etc. This completely eliminates the need for complicated and unreliable paper work and its associated delays as well other complexities. It is available as web based or on mobile app.

The modules include; Permit to Work (E-PTW), Observations, Incidents Reporting/Investigation, Audits, HIRA (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment) etc.

Our solution is Cloud-based, mobile-web (Available on Android and IOS) SAFETY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION. It is “Ready-to-use” with integrated template builder that provides; Permit to Work (E-PTW), Incidents Investigation, Audits and HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment).

The Permit to Work (or “Clearance”):
Ensures that non-routine dangerous work takes place safely. It is developed to Instantly Create, Process and Validate all types of Work Permits, Simple, Effortless Permit Creation Process, Handle Permit Activities “On the Go”, Accelerate the Approval Process and Enhanced Vigilance of Permit Activities.

Our Incidents Reporting/Investigation Module is designed to help

  • Behavior Based Safety (BBS) as a starting point – record unsafe acts and conditions
  • Incident Management on-the - go – capture reportable and non-reportable incidents
  • Assign Actions, Review and follow-up till closure
  • Customize Workflows for Approvals and Reports
  • Recommend Actions – assign corrective and preventive actions and track till closure

Our Audits and Inspections (On-the-go) Module is centralized, digitized system for QHSE-related audits with integrated actions tracker

  • Template Builder – Create your own Audit and Inspection Checklists
  • Schedule Audits - with frequency - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or One-Time
  • Record Key Findings – non- conformances and deviations at ease
  • Customize Workflows for Approvals and Reports
  • Recommend Actions – assign corrective and preventive actions and track till closure

The key features include; In built and editable templates for every industry.
Instantly Report Incidents and Near-misses
User-friendly interface makes it easy to capture and report incidents directly from the field with or without images.

Automated Alerts and Notifications
Notify Area Managers automatically, enabling quicker response and resolution to Incidents and Corrective Actions

Efficiently Manage the Incident Lifecycle
Starting from Rating to Investigation Team Formation, Why-
Why Analysis and Corrective Actions, it’s all in one place.

Configure your Root Cause Factors & Categories
Create your own Incident Categories and Root Cause Factors to capture details and build on your own KPIs and metrics

Integrated and Automated Dashboard
View Site-wise, Category-wise, Status-wise and Severity-wise
Incidents over a period of time in a unified dashboard

We have included some Screenshots of the User Interface to guide your understanding of our solution.

Payment for this solution is very cost effective is done annually and this could be revenue generation for your... (agency/ministry etc). Revenue can be shared with yourselves following our partners commission template. Deployment can be immediate and we provide 14 days free trial, while we provide back-end support and training end-users. We can also organize a quick virtual demo at your earliest convenient time or you can view more info on our

We serve most all the major corporations on Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Marine, Transports and other allied industries. We remain at your disposal for further discussions on how you can benefit from this solution.