5.0 Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher


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The 5kg CO2 (carbon dioxide) Fire Extinguisher offers excellent protection against electrical fires. It's mainly used in server rooms, electrical switchboards and areas with expensive electrical equipment installed. CO2 is not only a highly efficient chemical for fighting fires, it also very clean and doesn't leave a mess.
Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers put out fires by cutting off the fire's oxygen source. It also emanates a very cold discharge, which reduces the heat of the fire. This extinguisher is excellent at protecting areas with electrical equipment or machinery.
Where can I use this fire extinguisher? Electrical Switchrooms, Computer server rooms, Offices, Workshops, Any rooms with electrical equipment installed, Vehicles
The 5.0kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher can be used in the following fires:
Class B - Fires involving combustible liquids such as petrol, oil paint and solvents
Class E - Fires where the ignition source contains electrical equipment such as motors, switchboards and electrical appliances
Class C - Fires involving combustible gases such as LPG, Natural gas and acetylene
Your new 5.0kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher comes with: Maintenance tag and wall bracket


Operating Pressure: 58 bar
Dimensions: 152 x 665mm
Cylinder Volume: 7.5L
Test Pressure: 215 bar
Full Weight: 11.9kg
Size: 5.0kg
Fire Rating: 5B : C: E
Agent: CO2