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RCL Industrial Safety Centre Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fire trucks and vehicles in Nigeria and West Africa sub region. All fire vehicles supplied by our company have been constructed to the highest standards and will enable you to respond quickly to fires regardless of your environment. Our fire fighting trucks and vehicles are suitable for combating fires in airports, domestic and commercial buildings and more.

We have established a reputation as one of the top fire equipment suppliers due to the quality of our fire fighting apparatus and fire fighting equipment. It is known that we supply the best fire trucks and vehicles. In our range, we have new fire trucks, fire tankers and many more. In addition to our fire fighting trucks, we can supply a rescue truck, truck engine and other fire department equipment to meet all of your requirements. If you want to fight fires effectively then you need the best fire trucks which our company supplies. We have been a part of the yearly Emergency Response Seminars and Workshops in Nigeria

Fire and Rescue Vehicles

These vehicles come under the special vehicles. The fire and rescue vehicles are those specialized vehicles that are created to perform in case of fire emergencies or other emergencies. The most commonly used vehicle chassis for this purpose is of a truck. Many of these vehicles are based on some commercial vehicle chassis which is then further upgraded and are customized for firefighting.

Uses with Fire and Rescue Vehicles

The expected uses with fire and rescue operations include firefighting and any other kinds of rescue operations. The primary purpose of a fire engine is to transport water and firefighting staffs to the place of a fire incident. Carrying firefighting equipment and other rescue equipment and other important functions carried out by fire and rescue vehicles. Since they are expected to perform in emergency or harsh situations, the high performance of the vehicles are very much important.

These vehicles are also manufactured according to the purposes. The RCL Safety Centre is the brand to develop customized fire and rescue vehicles. These engines are also given specialized functions for several operations. It can be like wildfire suppression, aircraft rescue, rescue from water bodies and firefighting, and may carry equipment for any technical rescue.

The Design and Construction

The design and construction is mainly based on the client’s purpose. These types of vehicles focus mainly on the use of both active and passive warnings. Passive visual warnings mainly include the use of high contrast patterns. This will help in increasing the noticeability of the vehicle. In case of mode advanced and modern designs, it will make use of retro reflectors to reflect light from other vehicles on the way.

Along with these passive warnings some active warnings are also given to get visual attention. It could be in the form of flashing colored lights, which is an also known as light bar. These flash in order to get attention of other drivers while the fire and rescue truck is approaching

Major Rescue Units

The major rescue unit is based on specialist appliances that can provide support at severe cases. They will be easily able to extend support where there is requirement of heavy rescue equipment. With the evolutions and advanced technologies in fire and rescue unit manufacturing, there are safe and more advanced forms of fire and rescue. The functionality of the vehicles is upgraded for creating a best performing vehicle. The efficiency in designing and manufacturing different types of hospitality vehicles.

Our products are guaranteed with local support, maintenance and trainings.

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